The Largest Fraternity at Western New England

Alpha Zeta Omega is a co-ed pharmaceutical fraternity with the intent of promoting and advocating for the profession of pharmacy amongst its members as pharmacists, pharmacy students, and those involved within the profession.

Graduation Rates

Frater Graduation Rate: 100%

Our chapter continues to strive both inside and outside of the classroom. We pride ourselves in ensuring all fraters graduate from Western New England College of Pharmacy.


Quotes from Delta Tau's Former Directorums

"It is remarkable the amount of great people I have met in this fraternity from Maine to Missouri and all the way to Puerto Rico. I would not trade this second family for anything.” - Nick Raschilla

"Joining and being active in AZΩ was by far the best decision I made during my time at Western New England. The opportunities that I have been presented with and the friendships that I have built have positively shaped my life and the person that I am today." - Todd Thompson


"The support from this fraternity was instrumental in my success as a student at Western New England, and continues to be an integral part of my life as a pharmacist. I have been welcomed into a second family extending across the country and made friendships that will last a lifetime. All thanks to AZΩ!" - Sean Wiggin

“After joining Alpha Zeta Omega, my whole perspective of fraternities was changed. I would not know where I would be without it.” - Matt Amaral